This is a join - Read up on them, they're very useful and don't require the overhead of a sub-query.

SELECT egw_cal.* FROM egw_cal_dates
        LEFT JOIN egw_cal using (cal_id)
         where egw_cal_dates.cal_start > $tstamp
         AND egw_cal.cal_category = '501'


On 02/12/2007 08:14 AM, Matthew Ferry wrote:
Hello Everyone....

Got a simple / stupid question.
Worked on this all night. I'm over looking something very basic here.

The query "event_time" brings back the calendar id for each event that is 
pending in the future.
ie.... 12, 13, 14, 26  (There could be 100 of them out there)

The second query "events" needs to meet both reqirements. 1 - cal_category='501' 2 - cal_id= a number from the "event_time" query

I think i need to do a loop inside of a loop



Here is my code:

$todays_year = date("Y");

$todays_month = date("m");

$todays_day = date("d");

$tstamp = mktime(0, 0, 0, $todays_month, $todays_day, $todays_year);

$event_time = mysql_query("SELECT cal_id FROM egw_cal_dates where cal_start > 
$tstamp", $db);

$events = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM egw_cal WHERE cal_category='501' and 
cal_id='$event_time'\n", $db);

if ($event = mysql_fetch_array($events)) {

echo "<center>\n";

echo "<HR>\n";

do {

echo "<B><Font 

echo "<BR>\n";

echo "$event[cal_description]";

echo "<BR>\n";

echo "<HR>\n";

} while ($event = mysql_fetch_array($events));

} else {

echo "No Public Events Are Currently Scheduled...";



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