Have you tried using phpinfo() to make sure it's seeing your php.ini file ?

Ralph E. Brickley wrote:
Hello All,

I have been using Apache 2, PHP5 and MySQL 4 and 5 for a long time, and
recently had to wipe my box due to a virus!
Now that I have everything reinstalled, I can NOT get rid of this annoying
MySQLi error. I have experienced this before but I can't seem to fix it this
time. I have all of the necessary ini file settings, such as



Extension_dir = "C:\PHP5\ext\"

I do not get any errors on start up from Apache, but in trying to access
mysqli I get this fatal error. I have lib_mysqli.dll all over this computer,
Windows, System32, System, C:\PHP5, C:\PHP5\EXT\, everywhere. I'm stuck and
need help. I uninstalled MySQL 5 and put 4.1 back on and that didn't help

Any clues? Thanks!




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