I've got 5.0.27-standard installed on an Intel Mac, using the preinstalled version of Apache and my own installation of PHP 4.4.4. I use this machine for development work and don't make it available to anyone else. I've got an instance of a PHP application running, and it works...but not all of the time!!! I created the user that accesses my MySQL via the following commands;

use [web_db_name];
grant select, insert, update, delete on *.* to '[new_user]'@'%' identified by '[new_password]';

I'm able to do everything expected from the command line mysql tool, but on the PHP side it fails more than half of the time:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user '[new_user]'@'[my_current_dhcp_ip]' (using password: YES) in /[path]/[to]/[page]/[on]/[server]/index.php on line 66

This leaves the question: since MySQL is behaving normally otherwise, I'm using a host of '%' and my IP isn't changing, does anybody know what the problem is with PHP???


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