Hi everyone!

How can I create a table...or even something similar...to line information up?

The information is coming from an mysql database and there are 5
columns of data.

Of course I am using php to call the data out of the database.

A simple example:

while ($data = mysql_fetch_array($res))
        $idfield = $data['IDFIELD'];
        $name = $data['Name'];
        $effect = $data['Effect'];
        $category = $data['Category'];
        $origin = $data['Origin'];
        $image = $data['Image'];

echo "<img src=\"image/$image\">, $name, $effect, $category, $origin<br>";

The echo is the stuff I want to line up under the headings of the
columns when they are displayed.

So there are 5 headers and under the 5 headers is the resulting
display of info and I want it lined up, centered, under the headers.

Does that all make sense?

Thanks for all of your time!


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