hmm.. i think there something going on on this func
read more below

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Subject: [PHP-DB] recursion in php and mysql

> Hello all,
> I wrote an app in php and it uses recursion.
> Problem I have is that when I connect to a database using
> mysql_connect($dbhost, $username, $password); and select a table with
> mysql_select_db($database) I cannot access the table anymore from some
> function.

try this
mysql_select_db($database) or die(mysql_error());

> Now I can connect and select a database in that php function  but that
> means that process happens A LOT and connecting and selecting everytime
> probably slows down the app quite a bit
> Is there a way to connect to a database and select a table "globally"
> so that I have access to it in ever php function I write ?
> thanks,
> Ron

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