I think I remember seeing scheduled FTP transfer capability with a couple of backup programs that exist. I uninstalled the one I used, and I don't remember the name, but it worked well enough. Might be worth a google if you don't want to mess with non-gui stuff. (although, console work is like exercise.. it doesn't sound that appealing, but once you start doing it, you will crave more..)

Bastien Koert wrote:
You could use php+gtk to write it that way, but a simple batch file is the best bet since you could then use task scheduler to run this batch file at scheduled times.

Just google dos batch files


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> What about just writing a batch script that opens the ftp services and
> the file?
> Bastien
hmm.. that was a good idea..
is that using php?? or i should use desktop programing?? i better use php
since this php milis right..


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