i will just add a few what happen to me. since i build the same programing
1. sometimes the images where we wanted to upload doesn't upload right.
2. images called from db sometimes don't have match header.. like gif images
but read as png??

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> Yeah, do what the boss says,  but I will tend agree, storing the images
> the database will slow it down.  There is one place that holds large
> images and even small vids in the DB.  IO over kill. They have two
> servers to run one database.
nope.. i disagree with that.. since i use pic and my data on same database..
it could say same as reading a lot text.. just imagine pic are a bunch of
word "aaaa" but in 300line.
to be honest.. i never try above statement. perhaps for a small database (i
point on data), database not slowdown.. but if use for big database.. i
never try about

btw.. img upload to database will never break 1mb (i already try that)
> Micah Stevens wrote:
> > On 03/08/2007 01:35 AM, Chetan Graham wrote:
> >> Back to the Hospital website.  Now the Web Boss wants to put the
> >> images in
> >> the DB.  I do feel the webserver folders would simply and well.
> >> However, we do what the boss says.
> >>
> > I'm with Bastien on this one, I've stored images in a database in the
> > past, and although I have to admit that it makes a certain amount of
> > sense in the fact it keeps all your data in one place, practically
> > it's a pain in the butt. It's faster, more efficient and better in
> > almost every respect to let the filesystem do what it does best and
> > store the files, and the database deal with data you need to organize
> > and sort.
that's correct.
and one small add.. u can backup the data without copy paste all things (i
mean export the database) and make a fuss because it
> >
> > -Micah
> >
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