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Subject: [PHP-DB] IF ( $_POST['submit'] == "Update Subscriptions"
OR$_POST['submit'] == "Update Entire Account" ) {

> I am wanting to ask a question about IF statements.
> I have been developing a PHP > mySQL based subscription tracking
> application.
> I am trying to set up an administration screen now where admin could
> update an address, e-mail address, subscription(s), etc. OR (and this is
> the key) update the entire account.
> I have this series of IF statements (below).  I have a bunch of SUBMIT
> buttons on the admin screen so if someone just wants to update the
> address on the admin screen the "Update Address" button may be
> clicked ... and it is right near the fields to input a change of
> address.  Same thing with "Update Subscriptions".  But if the account
> needs multiple changes I have an "UPDATE ENTIRE ACCOUNT" button at the
> bottom.
> Here are the series of IF statements used to process the form.
> if ( $_POST['submit'] == "Update Subscriptions" OR $_POST['submit'] ==
> "Update Entire Account" ) {
> } elseif ( $_POST['submit'] == "Update Address" OR $_POST['submit'] ==
> "Update Entire Account" ) {
> } elseif ( $_POST['submit'] == "Update E-Mail Address" OR
> $_POST['submit'] == "Update Entire Account" ) {
> } elseif ( $_POST['submit'] == "Submit Birth Date" OR $_POST['submit']
> == "Update Entire Account" ) {
> }
i read this line.. and this was realy a waste of script.. i mean this line
$_POST['submit']== "Update Entire Account"
why this line always show up every if line?? i don't know what your script
looks like.. but i sure you this line is waste of typing.

> I am stuck again.  If on the admin screen someone clicks "UPDATE
> ADDRESS" the address change is saved.  BUT if I try to do an address
> change and then click "UPDATE ENTIRE ACCOUNT" the address change isn't
> saved.
from i read above.. when you click update every account. it respond to do
function in this if line
if ( $_POST['submit'] == "Update Subscriptions" OR $_POST['submit'] ==
"Update Entire Account" ) {

from this point i suggest to not use submit as condition to begin a
function. are your page contain a lot submit button??
fyi.. i'm indonesian and i'm not good on english.. so forgive me. what i
mean about function in here was.. something below the if

 if ( $_POST['submit'] == "Update Subscriptions" OR $_POST['submit'] ==>
"Update Entire Account" ) {
//this where i mean function //

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