There is that mysql function that is meant for  prevention of sql injection

when a single quote or so is entered sql starts acting up. because the
sql syntax is not correct anymore.  then your sql functions start acting
up and you get to see all those informative msgs

Turning  a ' into a ''  or a " into a "" works too,  but the mysql
function for that works better safer etc.


Stephen Smith wrote:
> OK guys, here is my delima, which is probably very easy to solve, but I can't 
> seem to find it.  I am trying to get form fields to accept apostrophes within 
> the input and stop crashing on me.  I'm writing forms into a mysql database 
> and everything works great unless the user enters a word like "won't" or 
> "can't".  Them it crashes during the form submit.  What can I do to fix this 
> stupid thing anyway?
> thanks in advance.
> Steve Smith

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