Suprie wrote:
hi all,

i need help in design a database, our office is hospital equipment supplier,
we had a list of items, each items had it's own configuration, and
each item could consist of several item. we also had contract that
have a lot of site, sometimes equipmend that have been ordered
different from what the site received, in that case we made a change

for now we have this


but i really confused about the Change Request thing, we have to keep
both what have been ordered and what have been received... where
should i put it, sorri for my bad english

Why does that have to fit into this scheme?

Why can't it be separate?

create table change_requests (
  request_id primary key .. blah blah,
  item_ordered text,
  item_order_date timestamp, // so you know when you ordered it
  item_received text,
  item_receive_date timestamp // so you know when you received it.

problem solved ?

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