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wow great information and so quick.
very greatfull for that.

Would you mine baby stepping for me?
i don't understand what u said.. but i read as something nice
my real name was gunawan (pronounce as Gun - A - One )
I am using dreamweaver 8 to build my pages.
i'm using not 1!! but 3!! text editor, html editor (dreamweaver) and text
based html editor..
fyi.. i build scratch in excel. that editor was crimson editor (this free) ,
Ace Html (trial).. since u already use DW.. don't try.. you might try to
download it..

plz remember.. u not superman.. we only able to create page using php. in
this era.. u probably able to use html, db, javascript and template
owww man.. fyi.. i'm not that strong created by myself. even i already
create using both of i said earlier.

see attach
u might hard to read the languages i use. but i mean in the attach was..
this is my scratch design
But I can do in code as well.
I just created a connection to my database.
So, now I am just trying to create the username and password field
on my dwt template page? Would that be correct or what should be my first
that's better.. but u supposed to create map link for the aplication
there were 3 who use this page.
let view the guest first..
1. guest enter the web (www.fotball.com)
2. in there what he/she able to see (for guest only) => what the scratch of
3. are there anything else that guest able to see??

then let view the user
1. user enter the web
2. user view opening page
3. login
4. if login failed
5. what he/she view after login
6. other page that he/she able to see

i think.. for this.. self explain.
Should we just create the tables first through phpmyadmin page.
That is where it is easier to see everything, the tables that is.
the reason why you must to build the scratch (before goes online and able to
program).. is to figure what table we can use??
after u able to build the scratch page (html).. then u goes to build the
Please continue with your thoughts.

Karl James ("TheSaint")

last suggestion..
u can improve the skill if you
1. created as many page
2. complain by your user
3. lazy?? i too lazy type textbox and then i create a function that return
function inpText($name, $dValue, $size, $max){
 $temp ='<INPUT TYPE="text" name="'.$name.'"';
 $temp .='value="'.$dValue.'" size=';
 $temp .=$size." maxlength=$max>";
 return $temp;
like above.. heheheehee

4. always ask to everyone (include me) about something u can't do like how
to make my page become ajax??

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