I believe what he is saying that since you wrap your echo in double quotes,
that you should not use duoble quotes again inside the same echo.

Therefore your code should like like this:

<td width="90" height="70">
<?php echo "<img src='/album/img/'.$photoFileName[2].' width='90' height='70
' border='0' / > "?>

On 3/30/07, elk dolk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

thank you bastien,

those wrappers are confusing for me, could you tell me where
can I find more info. about them and based on your suggestion
re-write this line for me?

<td width="90" height="70"><?php echo "<img
src='/album/img/".$photoFileName[2]." width="90" height="70" border='0' / >

>bastien wrote:

>you need to escape double quotes in an echo if you use double quotes as

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