Hi all,
 I have a bunch of thumbnail images that link to larger versions of the images 
and want to line them up in rows across the screen , using CSS I put them into 
a separate DIV. To get them to line up horizontally across the window I use CSS 
to FLOAT each DIV to the left, CSS looks like this:
 div.float {
     float: left;
 and the HTML :
 <div class="float"><img src"image.jpg".../><br /></div>
 Firefox and Netscape show the thumbnails in rows like this:
 [] [] [] []
 [] [] [] []
 [] [] [] []
 but in IE6 there is a problem , the first row is O.K. but the second ant the 
third rows are not O.K.  it looks like this:
 [] [] [] []
 [] []  
       [] []
   [] [] []
 please comment
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