On Tue, April 17, 2007 1:21 am, Leo Jokinen wrote:
> Problem solved:
> I restarted my computer and after that apache loaded ibm_db2
> extension.
> My conclusion:
> 1. When you add some extensions to php.ini, you need to restart
> windows
> in order to get those extensions available through apache
> 2. However, those extensions are instantly available if you use php
> command line interface
> Anyone disagree?

Technically, yes. :-)

If you are using CGI, you don't need a re-start, as the CGI is a new
process each time, and loads php.ini on each page hit.

If you are using Apache, in theory, you'd only need to re-start
Apache, as that reloads the php.ini, or maybe even send it some kind
of signal to re-load its configuration files, which *might* include

If you are using FCGI, I presume you'd only need to re-start FCGI, as
that will re-load the php.ini there.

If you are using IIS, you'll have to restart every 24 hours anyway, so
what's it matter?

However, Windows being Windows, there might be caching of the files by
the OS which has to be cleared out, or some other weird thing going
on, so just reboot anyway, cuz it's Windows.

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