Dwight Altman wrote:
I only agree to it "depending" if I have to write my own function using a
regular expression to parse the .htaccess file, but I was wondering if it is
already available from a PHP function or variable.

In the .htaccess file, the AuthMySQLDB directive:
1) may not be present
2) may be commented out
3) may appear like the following starting in the first columns:
AuthMySQLDB             aDataBaseName
4) may be commented out with a valid entry present
#AuthMySQLDB            oldInactiveDataBaseName
AuthMySQLDB             newActiveDataBaseName
5) who knows? -- it may have other "white space" and not start in the first
AuthMySQLDB newActiveDataBaseName
Is that what you meant?  How else can it be specified in the .htaccess file?

No, I meant it depends on how it is defined in the htaccess file.


SetEnv AuthMySQLDB dbName

would allow you to:

$dbname = getenv('AuthMySQLDB');

Apart from that I'm out of ideas :)

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