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>> I wrote a small sample-application once using PHP (with propel and
>> smarty) and once using Java (JBoss, EJB3, JSP & Servlets). Both apps are
>> being served from a windows server (2x Xeon 1,3GHz, 2 GB RAM), but the
>> performance of the PHP version is much slower than the Java version.
>> I already installed an php-accelerator (eAccelator) which increased the
>> overall performance, but still the performance is quite poor.
>> Are there any "tweaks" to tune PHP performance?
> Don't use Windows.

Well, I don't really have any option. Also I have to use IIS as a webserver.

> If you *must* use windows, use FastCGI.

OK, so FastCGI is much better than ISAPI? Looking quickly at the
installation-docs, FastCGI is not explicitly mentioned. So basically I
would just use php5-cgi.exe instead of php5-isapi.dll?

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