Kirk Wythers wrote:
I am having trouble with a db query that was working not too long ago. I did upgrade from php4 to php5 and wonder if there are some differences that could explain my issue. Below is the code where I suspect things are breaking down.

// build sql query from form values
$select_query = "select * from grid_cell where township = $township
and range = $range and rdir_shortname = '$rdir_shortname'
and section = $section and forty_name = '$forty_name'";
//echo $select_query; // use for debugging sql query

// retrieve the query info from postgresql
//this returns a resource, so put the resource into a variable
$result = pg_query($select_query);
//echo $result; // use for debugging sql query

// process results. First argument pg_result is the returned result set ($grid_cell), // second argument is the row offset, and the third argument is the column offset.
$forty_grid = pg_result($result, 0, 0);
//echo $forty_grid; // use for debugging sql query

If I uncomment echo $select_query, the scrip prints the proper query like this:

select * from grid_cell where township = 67 and range = 1 and rdir_shortname = 'W' and section = 1 and forty_name = 'NWNW'

However, if I uncomment echo $result, the script prints:

Resource id #2

and also the error:

Unable to jump to row 0 on PostgreSQL result index 2

I think that the variable $result is getting the result from pg_query and subsequently $forty_grid is not receiving what it expects either.

Does anyone see what I'm not doing right here?

Just because the query returned a resource ID does not mean it contains any results. An empty result set is what you're getting, and you need to check for that before trying to use the results.


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