The DB and MDB2 packages in the PEAR library use a third option, which is to
return an "Error" subclass as the result rather than "throw"ing it.  Prons
and cons for all, just wanted to throw in this option too.

Btw, both the DB and MDB2 packages are already generic classes that support
mssql as well as other DBMS programs, so if you're not familiar you may want
to look up the details at

Good luck!

On 4/29/07 9:27 PM, "Bruce Cowin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I have written a generic sql database class which contains a method RunQuery
> which uses mssql_query.  To catch errors, should I include the "or die" clause
> or should I wrap it in a try/exception block?  The first will stop the script
> running but for a generic class, I was thinking it'd be better to raise an
> exception and let the calling code handle it.  I'd be interested to hear what
> everyone else does.
> Thanks.
> Regards,
> Bruce
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