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try using === (3x =) for comparison

- Mike

OKi98 schreef:


Why does anything compared to 0 return true?

I know it might seem to be a bit off-topic, but for me it is important for detecting if NULL value in table has been changed (for example NULL is changed to 0).

if ("foo"==0) echo("foo equals to 0");


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I know about identity operator (===) but with == operator 0 is false and "foo" is true, try this:

if ($foo) echo("$foo is true, ");
   else echo("$foo is false, ");
if ($bar) echo("$bar is true, ");
   else echo("$bar is false, ");
if ($foo==$bar) echo("$foo==$bar");

returns "0 is false, bar is true, 0==$bar"


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