nope.. that's can be dangerous
since some activeX today are a food for a worm..

be safe on NET
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Subject: [PHP-WIN] automatic-click flash?

Hi there!

I searched the Internet about "Click to activate this control"... Why it is
viewd in IE...

"Q. Why do I see "Click to activate this control."?
Microsoft® changed the way ActiveX controls behave so Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
events related to user interaction, such as onblur and onclick, are
automatically blocked. To activate an interactive control, either click it
or use the TAB key to set focus on it and then press the SPACEBAR or the
ENTER key. Interactive controls loaded from external script files
immediately respond to user interaction and do not need to be activated.

Basically, you now need to click the control to "approve" it before the
Flash and navigation buttons will work."

and after this reading,... I've been thinking.

Is it possible to make an automatic click in Javascript to an embedded


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