Bedul wrote:
>sorry.. that's pure my fault.. i should type for php-win
>my mail setting are always to send to php-db

>that's wont happen again

>> Why do you keep cc'ing the php-db list with responses
>> that have nothing
>> to do with the list?

    What is so funny Bedul, is the very next post after this apology of
yours for loving your PHP.mail.lists has nothing to do with DB's...
it's is about HTML code. So on it goes....I've always enjoyed your upbeat
attitude about different peoples needs in the php.mail.lists.
Bravo Bedul.  HTML question in the DB list.

    There have to be rules in mail forums. Yes, but once started it
becomes a living thing that works just fine.  Sure, lets limit the
straying into 'other' zones where it would be better posted in the
'correct' one.
But, lets also be reasonable.

    I've seen the most objectionable items in this list that have nothing
to do with DB's , somehow a door gets left open and the undercurrents
of the world come in uninvited.

Let us try to see the good in every action,

Why even a broken clock is correct twice a day!

I've also noted nobody posts to them as well.  Is anybody hurt? who knows.
 I doubt it.  And certainly Bedul's posts are fine.

Has anyone ever noticed that when too many rules are enforced that people
walk away?

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