Thanks for everyone's indulgence, I figured out the problem.
simple syntax around the INSERT as follows with the mysql_query.

mysql_query("INSERT INTO docprouser (id,valid,password


> I am having problems with the MySQL DB.  It started with this command from
> a call in a PHP script...
> "INSERT INTO docprouser (id,valid,password)VALUES
> ('user5','Y',md5('ksobhinyai'));" or die(mysql_error());"
> The script actually connects with the DB fine and no errors at all.  You
> can see the screen output in the attatched text file.  However, there is
> no new entry in DB.
> Upon looking at the error log for the specified time I get:
> **Query Execute Thread cannot connect to MySQL **
> However, if I cut/paste the above into the query window of GUI it executes
> just fine, and shows the record written.
> I've dnloaded the latest OBDC connector and set up correctly.
> I've googled the MySQL errors to no avail.
> TCP/IP is active on pc.
> The tables were even created with this script.
> I'm beyond frustrated, as two days now have been stuck with this DB
> problem.  I just spent the last five or six hours deleting the DB off the
> server and reloading it several times which cleared up several previous
> problems.  Now, it comes down to this one.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Blessings,
> Chetan

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