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I've been searching and toying with this solution for some time but
can't find that right answer.  Looking for solutions/suggestions to the


I created a program that will allow people to track sales and depending
on what they've sold, they will either get a set bonus, or a bonus based
on a percentage.  I have no problem creating a drop down box for them to
select from, and I could probably create a select button that would do
the action, but I'd rather have it in one step.  So what I'm trying to
do is somehow when they select from the drop down (via a JavaScript
onchange or something) I'd like it to pull data from the MySQL database.
I'd like it to pull the amount and then each or per based on the ID of
what they've selected from the drop down.  If it was always based on
each sale or based on a percentage, that would be easy as I could code
that into the drop box, but I'd like to keep it based on the ID so that
it can pull out of the database the name, and then when changed pull the
info.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance for the help.  If you have any
questions or it seems like I left something out, please let me know.



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Todd Dorschner

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