Jeffrey wrote:
We have a moderately complex PHP web app collecting data from a MySQL database. We've been offered a rather attractive proposition to build an Ingres version (ie. same app, but collects data from an Ingres database).

Questions for experts like you:

1) Is this a reasonably straightforward migration in which we can largely replace mysql_query with ingres_query, etc, or will it be more complex than that?

2) Does Ingres compare reasonably well with MySQL in terms of scalability and speed?

3) Any dangers I should be aware of?

I am trying to decide whether or not to go forward with this project. Your advice is much appreciated!

Probably find an ingres mailing list and ask re: speed, scalability.

"In theory" you should be able to change between mysql & ingres easily, but there will be issues probably with data (eg timestamps might be handled or saved differently, autoincrement fields might be different).

Also stuff like full-text searching will most likely be different.

An ingres forum/list will most likely be able to point you to differences to be aware of as well.

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