I can connect using MySQL Administrator without any problems, so it hasn't crash.

bedul wrote:
try run winmysqladmin.exe
is there a posibility your mysql server got crash with unknown reason
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Hi Folks,

I have a MySQL database running on Windows XP, that I want to disable
network  connections to and enable 'named pipes'.  I am running MySQL
5.0.27 and my.ini looks like...

#password    = your_password
port        = 3306
socket        = /tmp/mysql.sock

#port        = 3306
socket        = /tmp/mysql.sock
#Allow connections via named pipes (Windows NT+ only). Note: you can
specify a pipe name on the advanced network page, if required.
#Don't allow connections via TCP/IP.

I can connect to the DB using the MySQL GUI tools if I set my pipe name
to '/tmp/mysql.sock' using the login dialog box.
However when I try and connect using PHP I get an error.  I have tried
several variants of the connect command and I get various errors but all
are along the lines of:
Unknown MySQL server host '/tmp/mysql.sock' (11004)  or
Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)

I have tried
$mysqli = new mysqli(null, $username,$password, $database);
$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost:/tmp/mysql.sock", $username,$password,
$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost", $username,$password,
$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost", $username,$password,
$mysqli = new mysqli("/tmp/mysql.sock", $username,$password, $database);
$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost", "my_user", "my_password", "world");

/* check connection */
if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
    printf("Connect failed: %s\n", mysqli_connect_error());

printf("Host information: %s\n", $mysqli->host_info);

/* close connection */

can u try above.. I got bad felling bout this??

I have also tried the above commands using mysqli_connect ?  I have done
a few searches of the web but seem to always come up with something like
the above?  Anybody have any ideas why it won't connect in PHP ?


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