Step #1: Select name_field FROM the_table;
Step #2:
$arr_all_names = array();
foreach single_result in your result_set{ //you have to translate this into 
    $arr_name = explode(',', $single_result['name']); //assuming that you 
are joining names in the field using a comma
    $arr_all_names = $arr_all_names + $arr_name;
//remove redundancy
$arr_all_names = array_unique($arr_all_names);
//now sort the array
//now all you have to do is to loop through the array to display it on your 

itoctopus -
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message news:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>I have a table with between 100k and 200k rows.  One field, `names`, is
> populated, in each row, with an imploded array of up to 4 names.
> I require to create a list of names, without repeats, of all the names
> in `names` field to use in an html form.
> Any advise would be appreciated.  I have no ideas on how to start.
> Louise

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