For that I read, the SQL Server 2000 with equal or lesser SP 2 has one bug 
of security guard that allows the execution of archives together with 
instructions (I did not enter in the details). Therefore it is necessary 
that SP 3 or 4 is installed in the Windows 2003 Server. In the XP I do not 
know if it needs, but test and in informs them. I wait to have helped.


Le Thu, 31 May 2007 13:46:47 -0300,
"Sady Marcos" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit :
> The SQL Server 2000, installed in a Windows 2003 Server, only
> accepted remote connections later that the DB will be with the SP3 or
> 4 installed. In my company, we detect this problem, and alone
> installing the SP that the applications had come back to function.
> For the PHP, it was as if the SQL did not exist in the server that we
> were specifying.

This is very interesting. It looks like I have the same problem, but my
MSDE (SQL Server 2000) is on Windows XP.
Is there a same bug with XP ?

Thank you.


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