Make sure TNS_ADMIN is set to the directory name, not the file
itself.  Also consider using the Easy Connect syntax.

We don't cover IIS in the Underground PHP & Oracle Manual, but
there may be some useful information e.g. on the various connection
syntaxes in the OCI8 driver.  The URL is:

I once blogged all the info about IIS and Oracle that I'd
come across.
You seem to have past the permission stage and it is probably
a simple matter to get the connection going


David Mitchell wrote:
Have you rebooted windows since setting the environment variable? I believe
that's the only way for windows services to see the change.



Hi All

I've a bit code that connects to a remote Oracle DB, does a simple query
and returns the result.

Running from a Windows command prompt as

php oratest.php

the script runs fine and returns the results I'm expecting.

If I run it through a browser I get

oci_connect() [function.oci-connect]: ORA-12541: TNS:no listener in

Webserver is IIS on my local box. PHP is running on my local box.

I've got TNS_ADMIN set as an env variable

Any help gratefully received :-)



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