Hi All,

If you would like to download the presentation you can find it here:


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Lasitha Alawatta wrote:
> Hi All,
> "PHP Security Basics - Must-Knows for Everyone"
> Presenter: John Coggeshall, Zend Solutions Consultant Target audience:

> Anyone who believes Security is important in Web Application
> and deployment
> Duration: 45 minutes, including Q&A
> Security is not just important when you are doing financial
> - an insecure Web site can be used by others for malicious purposes to

> launch attacks against other Web sites. There are a few must-knows for

> anyone who ventures out into the world of PHP Web development. In this

> webinar John Coggeshall will focus on the absolute necessities when 
> doing secure Web development.
> REGISTER - PHP Security Basics 

Is this going to available as a download or something after the event 

The main reason I ask is that I'm in Sydney so it's on at 2am :P

I'm sure others are going to be in a similar boat.

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