I think there's one small piece of data I left out. I'm working with php/mssql, no mysql. I'll move to mysql when I get everything else built. Mssql 2000 doesn't seem to like the = sign in the order by clause. It looks like both of you so far have come up with the same syntax though so it must work on mysql. ;-)

Thanks guys...

Try this:

SELECT * FROM productgroup WHERE groupid = $productid
ORDER BY label = 'Cats' DESC, title

The test SQL I did to make sure I understood it was this (against our Users 

select * from users order by first = 'Bob' DESC, first, last

It put all the "Bob"s first, sorting them by first/last, then put everyone else after the 
"Bob"s sorted by first/last.

If you don't put DESC on the 'Cats', it looks like it'll put the 'Cats' at the 
bottom of the list.

Also refer to the user comments here:

good luck!


= = = Original message = = =

SELECT * FROM productgroup WHERE groupid = $productid
AND label =  'Cats' ORDER BY title

SELECT * FROM productgroup WHERE groupid = $productid
AND label != 'Cats' ORDER BY label,title

I'd like to find a way to combine these 2 statements. I want to list out all the products, ordered by title but listing out all the Cats products first. Any way to do that without having separate statements?


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