Sancar Saran wrote:
On Wednesday 04 July 2007 10:44:39 Lasitha Alawatta wrote:
Hi All,

"If we are using encoded php script (by using Zend Guard) then we MUST
have to install Zend Optimizer to the web server to run that script
file. Otherwise we need not to install Zend Optimizer (no point of
having it Zend optimizer). "

Is above statement is correct...???

Really appreciate your comments.

Hmm, Yes or no.
Yes, you have to install Zend Optimizer to work with Zend Guard encoded files.

No, Zend optimizer has opcode cache ( and much slower than APC) and it gives you speed boost.

So. If you had files encoded by Zend Guard. You need Zend Optimizer. If you can't install APC in your system and your system already have Zend Optimizer (such as a offer) it was very nice addition to boost your performance.

Hope helps.

And what is the problem entire php list's about Zend, every question about zend producs responded by "GO and ask Zend"...

Because you bought the products FROM zend so they are the experts on it.

Same as every response about a problem mysql query results in a "ask the mysql list" response - ask the people that know it the best.

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