O.K. the id column is primary key and it is auto_incerment .I think my 
explanation was not clear enough :
 this is my query : SELECT * FROM table WHERE ID=$ID
 this will find the record with the specified ID and I will be able to see it,  
now I want to be able to scroll up and down to all the records that belong to 
the same cat(egory)!

Frank Flynn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 This is standard SQL:

  SELECT id, name ,cat FROM catTable WHERE cat = 'zzz';

This would return something like
id          name       cat 
1           fred                zzz
5           fefe                zzz
18        Mr. Puddles  zzz
27        Moris           zzz

and so on

Your column 'id' is the pointer you're looking for.  You should define it as 
'PRIMARY KEY' and perhaps AUTO_INCREMENT (this means MySQL will automatically 
assign a value to it).

   Hi all,

   My DB has the following columns: id, name ,cat. I want to select a cat  i.e. 
cat=zzz   when the query is finished I should see a specific record within this 
cat which is defined by  id, like id=yyy 
   Any idea how to do this? Is there a function or something like record 
pointer in MySQL ?


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