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Subject: [PHP-WIN] Windows 2k3 sp2 and mssql error

> I am perplexed with an issue that i need help on. I have
searched and can
> not find a resolution and can not find out what is going
> Here is the situation:
> I have a windows 2003 Server running IIS 6, php 5.2.1
> I have another windows 2003 server running mssql 2000 with
all the latest
> service packs.
i think i will called the first as A and the second as B

> i am using a php script via a web page to access data on
the server and
> display it. when i run the page i get  the standard:
> Warning: mssql_connect() [
> function.mssql-connect]: Unable to connect to server:
where do you execute this script?? on A or B?
i notice was B right??
> I can connect to the sql server via the php script if i
run it from my
> client in my editing software.
there were another ?? well are this on A or the new one.

i think the problem are on the permision in B.
you should create an user (example)

user: Bedul
Host: %
password: bedul

then when u want to connect this.. try using user Bedul

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