I am using a mini calendar script which uses the following array to enter event dates.

 $days = array(
 // 3, 8 & 22 = the day
 // weblog/archive... = the link
 // linked-day = the CSS class.

Because I get the event data from a database and loop through the results of a query, I need to be able to insert each entry individually instead of as a group.

The following code fails in that it only lists the last entry:

 $days = array($theday[$y]=>array("#$thelink[$y]","linked-day"));

Using a concatenation fails altogether:

 $days.= array($theday[$y]=>array("#$thelink[$y]","linked-day"));

I just do not know the proper syntax to individually insert entries into this multidimensional array... Please help. Thank you.

I tried:
   $days[$theday] = array("$thelink","linked-day");

But it only displays the last event.

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