Becouse I wont read files, exactly *.dbf, from local machine, not from
server. I have no problem with read or changing directory, if database is
located on server.

Thanks for any suggestion.

So you are running PHP on your local machine "localhost" which happens to be a Windows machine, and also was compiled with the --enable-dbase option?

Are you only dealing with 1 machine and it is not a UNIX flavor?

If you had a web page served from a UNIX box with an html file field (like Upload this file) that you view from a browser on a Windows box, which browses the local machine, the different file path styles could make sense. Or if dbase_open could connect to a remote server like fopen.

If you are trying to use dbase_open on your local machine to connect to a remote machine's test.dbf, it looks like this function does not work across servers. Maybe use fopen and friends to get the remote file?


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