Arie Nugraha wrote:
Hi list,

I Have a problem with my query that fetch about 22.000 records from
database, the query is like this :

a.author_name FROMbiblio AS b LEFT
JOIN biblio_author AS ba ON b.biblio_id=ba.biblio_id LEFT JOIN mst_author AS
a ON ba.author_id=a.author_id WHERE b.biblio_id IS NOT NULL GROUP BY
b.biblio_id ORDER BY b.input_date DESC LIMIT 0, 10

it took about 6 seconds to complete the query in localhost. I already make
an Indexes on each table, but still the performance is slow.
Anyone have an idea how to optimize the query so result is faster?

Why are you doing a distinct AND a group by? You don't need both, just use the DISTINCT.

I'm guessing biblio(biblio_id) is a primary key - you don't need:

b.biblio_id IS NOT NULL

What indexes do you have? You need ones on each field in the joins:

biblio_author(biblio_id, author_id)

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