joefazee wrote:
Thanks for your replay.

Sorry, didn't mean to repeat myself.

Please if you have done anything on socket programming with php before
where did you save it before testing and how did you tested it?

I use Ubuntu on my development machine, so that's where I test stuff, but I don't think that's likely to help you.

It sounds to me like you want hand-holding through the development process. I can do that but I'd expect to be paid market rates!!

There are lots of resources around this area all over the Internet. I suggest you use Google to find some.

Stut wrote:
joefazee wrote:
i`m writing a socket application using the php socket() function, the
is, how can i run it, i read in some tutorial that i should copy it to
server root. which server root?,  Apache?. or did i need to install
server? but i did not have two system. my development system is what i`m
using with Apache to test the web applications. can somebody tell me how
setup this server and run a network application?
By "socket application" do you mean a client or a server?

If it's a client is it web-based, cli or gui? Actually it doesn't matter, running a client that uses sockets is no different to running a client that doesn't use sockets.

I'm assuming you mean a socket server, in which case you probably want to run it on the command line and shove it into the background. This is basic shell stuff and not really to do with PHP. I suggest you find a beginners guide to the OS you're using and do some research on how to run a daemon.



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