If you are using unix-like OSes then you could write a program or a script using (PHP, perl, bash, csh even C) whatever it suits you and use cron daemon to run it every month. This script should query the database and find out if is needed to be sent. The alternative (not the suggested solution for this specific task) is to write a daemon process and configure it to run using an interval like every 15 days or a week or whatever you need.

In case you use windowz (not helping yourself very much) then perhaps the task scheduler could be of use to help you do something similar. I have very little experience of that kind of masochism so I 'll let someone else to do this dirty work :-) .

Malcolm Clark wrote:

I am designing a contact management system, so that entries (client records) can be flagged, so that an email is sent out after 'n' months, to remind the user to contact this particular client.

So, there would simply be a drop down menu with options: None, 1 month, 2 month, ... 12 months etc

I also imagine that when the client record is viewed, it states how long is left until the client is to be contacted. eg "36 days" or "approx 3 weeks"

My question? Are there any classes or packages that might help me with this task. Maybe somebody has got some other ideas?

Kind Regards,

Malcolm Clark

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