> > This shows you have NO indexes on the table.  Assuming that 'Tune_Name'
> > contains unique entries for each row, I'd suggest you do the following
> > as a minimum:
> >
> > ALTER TABLE Mobile_Tunes ADD PRIMARY KEY (Tune_Name);
> How's that going to help if he's getting all records from the table?

 Depends what you mean by help.
 Improve performance of the query, not at all, but that wasn't the
original question.  
In a previous post he said he'd added indexes which his EXPLAIN output
clearly shows is not the case.  That is simply an example of how to add
a PRIMARY KEY after creating the table.  However, it will stop duplicate
entries from being entered and prepare the way for when he's NOT
selecting all rows, so is not entirely wasted.

> Also there's no way a database is going to use an index if there are
> only 4 rows in the table.

True, but if it was only ever going to have 4 entries in it I doubt he'd
be using a Db at all.  I'm assuming this is just a sample.

Niel Archer

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