You can use cookies to keep your info so that you don't pass them from page to page. A way to do this is:
$email = '[EMAIL PROTECTED]';

And then retrieve the cookie information using the $_COOKIE array:

$query="SELECT * FROM table WHERE email = '".$_COOKIE['e-mail']."'";

Every browser keeps information about the cookies that already has accepted. If this is to work for you then check your browser to see if the cookie exists and keeps all that you need. A good idea is to erase the previous cookies accepted from your web server.

Chris Carter wrote:

I have this session code on each page and this is working fine for


Now I wish to 1)capture the value (userName) from session on one of my pages and 2)match it with the database and 3)display the value in the textfields

This is the code I am using to do this please:

include "../includes/malls_db_conf.php";

$query="SELECT * FROM table WHERE email = '$email'"; <---- Here I am
capturing from the session





Showing in the textfield from the database is working fine

THE Problem is:

I am getting only the first row of table to show up and not the one with the
field $email, meaning the emailis not getting captured from the above or
checking with the table and showing me the value.
It might be a basic one, could you please advice how to achieve that.



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