I am now pretty sure that it fails after the mail() function sends email (since I receive the email) but before it reaches the next line of the script. I might try something like 'mail(...) or die(...)' and see if it prints out the die('') bit. But I am looking to find out why it dies, something like the mysql_error($connection) - is there an equivalent? Though it is behaving as if it said 'or die()' already since it just stops.

Yes, the select box was valid html, though I cannot see how this might be related to failing at or just after the mail line. The fact that on several refreshes the page does appear properly suggests that it is not a html problem.

And I am sure it is not my code as it fails similarly on three separate pages in sort of different sections of the site which have worked for yonks, I have also tried older versions of same. And it is a recent phenomenon

Here is an extract, which I think points to nothing:

   if($acceptable=="true") {
       if($posreplies[0]<>"y"||is_null($posreplies[0])) {
           //this prints ***********************************************
print("<br>line 1068 before reply email sent: to: $to, subj: $subj, emsg: $emsg, from: $from");
           $maccept= mail($to, $subj, $emsg, $from);
//this does not, until a variable number of refreshes, by then the same number of emails are sent ***********
           print("<br>after reply email sent");
$maccept= mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", $subj." - sent to $to pos or neg replies", $emsg, $from);
           print("<br>after my cc email sent");
           if(ISSET($confirm_email)&&$confirm_email<>"") {
               mail($co_email, $subj_conf, $emsg_conf, $from);
               print("<br>after your cc email sent");
           } //copy provider
       } else  {


How did it fail before the mail function?

Can you verify that the loop to create the select box always creates valid html?

Can you find the hidden words?  Take a break and play Seekadoo!

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