Thanks for your reply, which solution would be faster and not put too much load on the resources of the server? single or multiple database? If i use a single database, would i be having same tables for each customer, e.g. if i have customerinfo table for customers of A, would i also have customerinfo table on customer 1 and 2 and so on, but changing the name by prefixing something to the table name e.g cust1_customerinfo. i'm thinking if i use only a single table for, then i might have problems on the file size limit of the OS, would i have that problem?

thanks again for your help, i really,really appreciate it.


TG wrote:
You could do separate databases if you want. It all depends on how you want to organize your data (keeping in mind data backup strategies and stuff).

Using separate databases on the same server, you might have another database for the 'common' data. Any variables you store in the database that don't really change and are common to all databases. Or if you log anything and want to keep the log data in one central location, you could put it in the 'common' database.

If you wanted to store all the data in one database, you could use something like forum threading techniques to show a parent/child relationship for the customers.

id      name                    parent
1       customerA            NULL
2       cust1                    1
3       cust2                    1
4       custB                   2
5       custC                   2
6       custD                   3

Then it's just a matter of drilling down, collecting a list of ID's for that customer and the sub-customers.

Lotsof ways to tackle this problem.


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Hi All,

I would like to setup a system something like this

customer A / \ cust 1 cust 2 / \ \ cust B cust C cust D

customer A has customer 1 and 2, cust 1 has cust B and C etc, etc.
what i'm after is when a customer user logs in he can only see record of its customer, e.g cust A logs in, it can only see records of cust 1 and cust 2,
if cust 2 is login it can only see cust D and so on

how would i approach this? should every customer have it's own database,
consisting of all tables i need e.g customer detail table,
and i will use the database name as session variable, so that when they add records it be inserted on table under that database?

sorry if my questions are confusing, hope anyone can help me, i just need help on how to approach it at the beginning so it will not be messy later on. Thank you.


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