I agree with this. Never use a subquery when a join will work. The optimizer with thank you with performance.

James Ausmus wrote:
Hi J,

Checkout this,

SELECT * FROM tbl_company where id not in (SELECT companyID from

Brilliant! This is exactly what I was looking for, and is quite
logical/readable!  Thanks to everyone for the ideas!


No, don't do this! It is a very inefficient way to retrieve the
information you are looking for (Use a query analysis tool to check it
out yourself, if you want) - if your tables get to any larger size at
all, it will start having a noticeable performance impact on your
script (not to mention your DB) - let the DB do the hard work and use
a LEFT JOIN syntax, the database can optimize that much more
efficiently. Only if your DB doesn't support the LEFT JOIN syntax
would you want to do the above.


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I have a company table and a contacts table.  In the contacts table,
is a field called "companyID" which is a link to a row in the company

What is the easiest way to query the company table for all the company
whose ID is NOT linked to in the contact table? Basically, the opposite
of a




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