Markus Wolff wrote:
Chris schrieb:
It can't be file permissions, I've even tried to set the database file
to 777... no change at all.

My guess is still permissions. If you try a raw fopen instead of using pdo, what happens?

ini_set('display_errors', true);
$fp = fopen(dirname(__FILE__).'/frontend.db', 'r');
if ($fp) {
  echo "Opened db<br/>\n";
} else {
  echo "Unable to open db<br/>\n";

Hey Chris,

mmh wonder what could possibly be wrong when even trying 777? :-)

Some hosts check for and disable access to files that have wide-open permissions - usually when php is running as a cgi but I've seen it when using mod_php too.

If you try something other than 777 what happens? (644 just to see if you can open it, then work on writing to it).

Can you see the file from this script?

$file = dirname(__FILE__) . '/frontend.db';
echo is_file($file) . '<br?>';

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