I used the JavaScript method to disable the button after the first click and
discovered from irate customers and administration that this resulted in an
unsubmittable form on the AOL Browser although it worked perfectly in all
others. Just a mention in case your clientele is AOL heavy (like ours).


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after submit direct the user to a different page...or use js and disable the
button after the first click
bastien> Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 20:09:01 +0900> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
bastien> To: php-db@lists.php.net> Subject: [PHP-DB] Prevention for 
bastien> multiple submissions from the same form> > Hi,> > I have a form 
bastien> with a button, which adds user inputted data into> database. 
bastien> I've been looking for a way to prevent users from pressing> the 
bastien> same button twice mistakingly.> > I've learned that this is 
bastien> possible to make and send a unique id in> hidden input, and 
bastien> check if the id is used before database query is> issued. (PHP 
bastien> Cookbook [O'reilly]).> > But, is there a way to make this 
bastien> happen without using database? It> would cool if I could only 
bastien> use HTML/JavaScript/CSS.> > Tek.> > -- > PHP Database Mailing 
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