The email subject line should not have a <br /> tag in it at all. It is not 
allowed under the specifications if I remember correctly. I would suggest that 
when you suck the message in, first thing to do is to remove the <br /> tag 
with str_replace...
Would this get you on your way?
Bastien> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To:> Date: Tue, 16 Oct 
2007 09:47:13 -0500> Subject: [PHP-DB] Variables & Forms> > I am programming a 
form this morning.  I don't understand arrays really well.  I think this is 
what I am needing to use, but I am really not sure.> > I have a PHP script that 
checks a POP e-mail address and is suppose to take the incoming message and 
save it to a mySQL table based on the subject line.  Every now and then the 
subject line is broken with something like a <br /> and so I have a handful of 
messages that need to be indexed manually.  IE my script can't see a "Subject: 
Correspondence for message 123" --- it is being received as "Subject: 
Correspondence for <br />message 123"  I am trying to update the mySQL table 
with a form instead of continuing to use phpmyadmin to do these updates. > > 
What I am wanting to do in my form is call up all the incoming messages that 
have a message value of 0 and I can read through the incoming message to see 
what their reference number is and type it in the field that I have called 
"new_correspondence_received".  An example of my HTML code is below.> > Where I 
am getting stuck is if I have more than 1 message that wasn't indexed 
automatically I am not sure how to retrieve the values of: 
correspondence_reference and new_correspondence_reference.  (The only reason I 
am displaying correspondence_received is to look for the reference number)  Can 
what I am trying to do be accomplished through an array to find out the values 
submitted?  What changes need to be made to my form so I can find out the 
values being submitted?> > Each message received that isn't automatically index 
is dispayed through this form, one <TR> per message, thanks for your help.  
Ron> > <tr><td width=200>> <font face="times new roman">> <center>> <input 
id=all type="checkbox" name="correspondence_reference" value="172" checked> 
172> </center>> </td><td width=200>> <font face="times new roman">> <center>> 
<input type=text name="new_correspondence_reference" size=6 maxlength=30 value 
= "0">> </center>> </td><td width=400>> <textarea COLS=50 ROWS=10 
name="correspondence_received">Message here</textarea>> </td></tr>> > 
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