Yes, I'm from NetBeans, that "Java" IDE.  But we're actually thinking
very seriously about PHP for the next release of NetBeans.  I know
emacs and vi are pretty darn good tools, but we're looking to see how
NetBeans may be able to provide some value for PHP developers.

My area of focus is on database tooling, and right now I am looking at
what features we could provide for the next release of NetBeans.

I've written up a *very short* survey (max 10 minutes) to get some
clarity on some specific features and focus areas that I'm just not
sure about.  I've gotten good response from Java developers, but I
want to hear from you all.

Here is the un-spammable survey link

FreeOnlineSurveys dot com / rendersurvey.asp?sid=jbk4vr915xv9qr0350286

Your assistance and guidance are much appreciated!


David Van Couvering
Database Architect, NetBeans
Blog: david dot vancouvering at blogspot dot com

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