Hi Instruct,

Thankyou for your reply. You are correct "Case Studio 2" is not a free tool, 
but "Toad" have ER Diagramming feature. Same as "Dbdesigner"  in Toad also need 
map the relations manually.


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Maybe we should keep top posting for consistency in this particular thread?

Case Studio 2 does not appear to be free.
Toad seems to be Windows only and no ER Diagramming?

I use dbdesigner, but manually draw the relations (I believe this is since 
MySQL <= 3.23.58; MySQL <= 4.0.17 did not have referential integrity?)  I'll 
have to see how to setup 4.1 for this.


Hi Costa,


Thanks for ur comment. I also found 2 tools for this regard,

Case Studio 2 

Toad (http://www.quest.com/toad-for-mysql/






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you could use dbdesign,
download in http://superdownloads.uol.com.br/download/140/dbdesigner/

2007/10/20, Lasitha Alawatta < [EMAIL PROTECTED]>:


Hi All,


Does anyone know of a GOOD ER Diagramming tool for MySQL? 

I would preferably a free/open source one.






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