Ronald Wiplinger wrote:
I need some hints how to do that. Maybe there is a template or an easy
function available.

I have a MySQL database with some tables. Everytime a table record
changes, I want also put the old record to a history database.
The history table and the original only differs that the key of the
original will be just a field in the backup, while the new key is now
the UNIX time stamp.

How can I do that "easy"?

Just write yourself a little update function, and add a insert call before the actual update. Here is a little update function that I use ($columns and $values get set in a loop before):

function mysqlUpdate($table, $columns, $values, $criteria){
 $sql = 'UPDATE '.$table.' SET ';
 for($i = 0; $i < count($columns); $i++){
   $sql .= $columns[$i].' = "'.$values[$i].'"';
   if($i < count($columns) - 1){
     $sql .= ', ';
 $sql .= ' WHERE '.$criteria;
 return mysql_query($sql);

Since you pass the $criteria (e.g. 'id = "23"') anyways, you can easily call the record first, and copy it to another table.

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