I am developing a web site where I have a photos table, several records from 
the photos table can be linked to a different table referentially. When I do 
a SELECT to all photos records I can get multiple records, I do not have any 
problems doing this, the problem is all the procedure after this.

When I get all the records from the photos table, I am using a web page to 
display only the first record, then, if the user hits a next link then the 
user should be able to see the next record (next picture) and so on, I do 
not want to do a select every time the user hits next or back to get the 
picture name and then display it

Is there anyway to do a one SELECT statement, save them in a matrix and then 
just go thru it. I am using the same web page to display all pictures, e.g. 
the next link points to the same web page where the first picture was 
displayed, is it possible to pass a matrix variable ?


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